Farewell for the Summer

Posted in: Blog Aug 11 2016


In a few short days I will be making the drive back to UNC Chapel Hill. While I am thrilled to start my sophomore year at UNC, I will most definitely miss this rewarding summer internship. This internship has been by far the most unique. Unique in the way that when I go to work I don’t drag my feet and dread it, but I am genuinely excited! I love being able to learn about stationery, personal interaction with our clients, and what would seem to be mundane online work to the average person, but a fun activity for me. I am the kind of person who enjoys being busy, who loves another task. Someone who wants to be challenged to find a solution to the most puzzling circumstances. All of these attributes are fulfilled by the work I do at DBB Events. Everyday offers a new adventure and perspective.


This summer has confirmed that I undoubtedly want to pursue event planning as my lifelong passion and profession. A lot of people complain about their work – they hate their job, their coworkers, and boss. Life is so short and unexpected – I can’t image doing anything but what I love. Why waste your precious time on Earth doing something that you despise? The time I have spent at DBB Events has been anything but wasted time. I am constantly reassured that my time spent at DBB Events is meaningful and stimulating by my huge smile at the end of each work day.

As I return to school seeking new opportunities to expand my knowledge in the event planning industry and pursue my degree in communications, I know I will always have a home at DBB Events!

This isn’t a goodbye, but a see you soon! Until December,

Bethany Gass