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Posted in: Blog Jul 13 2016
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Hi, my name is Bethany Gass. I am a rising sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Communications. I have been working with DBB Events since my sophomore year in high school. I was able to gain this opportunity through introducing myself to Dina, her husband, and her employee Heather at an open house for my father’s company, Heritage Printing and Graphics. I was told that Dina was an event planner from my father’s employee and given my interest in the event  planning industry, I decided to approach Dina. After introducing myself and asking a few questions about her profession, Dina offered her business card along with an opportunity to work with her on weekends. I was thrilled when I received my first wedding date, April 19th, 2014. When that day finally came I was overwhelmed in the best possible way with the beauty and thought put into the wedding created by Dina and also overwhelmed in the worst possible way with my poor decision to wear three inch black high heels. After being on my feet for almost nine hours I quickly learned that flats would become my best friend as I cringed walking back to my car at the end of the night! 

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Working with Dina has been marvelous. I have most definitely had my fair share of mistakes, such as setting up all guest cards on the breezeway at Quail Hollow in alphabetical order to have them quickly blown away. This lead to a very stressful thirty minutes, of frantic recovery of each card and reestablishing order among them. Despite a few hiccups, I have also learned so much about the event planning industry through one of the best in the business!

This summer I am taking on a larger role than I have had in the past. Before I have worked the day of events, helped in inventory, and assembling amenity boxes for out of town guests. This summer, I am working on a weekly basis with our Instagram account, blog posts, and various otherprojects in addition to working day of events and attending meetings with vendors and brides. This will help expand my knowledge of the behind the scenes work of event planning!

A few things about me:

1. I am a communication major with a concentration in interpersonal and organizational communications. I currently do not have another major or minor established  because I plan on studying abroad as much as possible in my time spent at Carolina. This upcoming spring I plan on studying at King’s College in London.

2. At UNC, I work in the office of the New Student and Carolina Parent Programs. I am a project coordinator, which consists of preparing for our two day orientation during the summer for incoming freshman, assisting in Parent’s Council events, and answering phone calls from new families. I really love my office and all the people in it. I have definitely grown in this role and am very thankful for my position.

3. I really enjoy running. I was apart of the Varsity cross country and track teams all throughout high school along with Varsity cheerleading. Running is just a great time to spend in thought. I can’t think of a better time to reflect on life then when gasping for air.           

4. List of a few more things I love:

Rooms with lots of windows so that natural light can be let in.

Drinking from cups without straws.

Booth or table? Booth, every time.

I am firm believer in saving best for last, always having Reddi Whip stocked in the fridge so it can be casually sprayed in my mouth, and celebrating my birthday with Carvel ice cream cake.


Now that you know a little bit about me, keep a look out for my upcoming posts! This summer, the blog will consist of event planning through my eyes. I will be posting on the behind the scenes, updating you on before and after events, and everything and anything that catches my eye! If you have any questions or suggestions about future blog post, feel free to reach me at: bethany@dbbevents.com

Yours truly, 

Bethany Gass

 Photos: Taylor Helms Photography